September 24, 2021

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WordPress Plugin To Send Email Notification To Only Parent Commenter

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I have added new features to this plugin; your website users now have three email subscription options to choose in this WordPress comments plugin. These three options are:

1. They can choose to not receive any email notifications [selected by default]

2. Users can choose to receive email notification Only if someone replies to their comment.

If a poster clicks on REPLY button below another comment and if the parent commenter has selected this second email subscription option, only then an email notification is sent to the poster of the parent comment.

3. Third option is to receive email notification whenever a new comment is posted.

The third option enables users to receive a notification whenever someone posts a new comment. Note that they only receive notification for comments on posts or pages that they have subscribed to.

This plugin only sends notifications to users for articles/posts to which users have subscribed. They can subscribe to multiple posts/pages; in each of them, they are free to choose any of the three aforementioned subscription options.

I have modified this plugin code so that it does not send-out unnecessary email notifications. I am trying to update the plugin whenever possible. There are few new features that I wish to add to this plugin, but unfortunately, I currently have neither the time nor the resources to do so.

Why haven’t you updated this plugin for the past several months?

I hope I always have the time and resources to maintain/update this plugin. I intent to do my best to provide support in WordPress Forum and provide updates in a timely manner. However, it is quite possible that I will not have enough time or resources to do so in the future; I do wish that never happens.

If the plugin is not updated in several months and if it does need an update to make it work properly, then I suggest you wait. Whenever possible, I am going to update the code.

Why am I not using it in my own website?

I recently installed a new premium-plugin in my website. The two are conflicting with each other, so I have temporarily disabled my email notification plugin.

Do you plan to add any new features in the near future?

Yes, I do. I am working on a complete overhaul. I am adding several new features. I am also cleaning and optimizing the base code. The work is slow because I am the sole developer who is working on this project. I have to write all the code, test it, tweak it, optimize it, etc. Basically, it is a time consuming work so I can’t tell for sure when the new changes are coming.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I will reply whenever I can. Following links may help:

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2. Plugin Directory
3. Optin Comment Notifications
4. Comment Mail
5. Comments – wpDiscuz
6. Custom Comment Notifications

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