(Last Updated On: 24/01/2018)

You can do an online job as a typist. People who can type well and fast can make a lot of money doing this part-time typing job. This skill is appreciated in many areas. Workers who can do good typing work are sought very often.
The job as a typist is well suited for single parents, students, housewives, etc.

Many typing jobs are found in hospitals, doctors’ offices, law firms, and all kinds of offices. Specialist knowledge is required for few typing jobs, but it is precisely these jobs that are then better remunerated.

What requirements do you have to fulfill as a typist?
It depends very much on the area in which you are employed as a typist. If it is really just simple typing, then you are required that you speak/write English. Typing in Word and having the basic knowledge of how to use a PC are the few basic requirements.

Mastering the 10-finger system can be very beneficial for a typist. You are expected to have basic knowledge of the PC. You should be able to write and receive emails, and be able to easily handle the MS Office package. Some employers expect their typist to have basic knowledge of the industry in which they work; this may be medical or legal knowledge.

When writing dictation from tape, you should be able to resolve typical terms that are usually referred to as shortcuts in these areas. Often, a typist is expected to be prepared to familiarize herself with topics she does not yet know. Of course, if you have specialist knowledge, you can expect a higher compensation.

If you are employed not only as a typist, but as an evening secretary or secretarial assistant for example, you usually also need basic business knowledge. Then it is your task not only to take over the correspondence, but also to create invoices, to coordinate appointments, to make travel arrangements, and to prepare presentations.
Evening clerks are often required to operate the telephone, and copy, scan, and fax.

Of course you have to work very reliably. If you also manage on the phone, then you must possess expertise in addition to a pleasant voice and a confident appearance. Especially in the hospital and law firms, it is also required by the typist to have a neat appearance.

How much can be earned with such activities?
It depends on the area in which you are employed. Are you just a simple typist or a proper secretary? Do you work during the day or in the evening? How many hours a week do you work? In which city do you live?
Wage varies from city to city. For a typist who works about 20-25 hours a week, depending on the area, there is a salary between 800-2200 US dollars. If you are only available by the hour as a simple typist, you can expect a salary of $5-$15 per hour.

For students who have expertise in one area (accounting, law, medicine,) there are many job offers as a typist. Being able to work in the evening, at night, or from home makes the job interesting for single parents as well. Vacancies can be found on the usual job portals, but also on ads in local newspapers.