September 25, 2021

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Write For Us

We are now accepting guest posts and article submissions. While we are grateful for all submissions, we are very particular about the content that we put on the site. We can only accept the best submissions that we receive. Here are some of our guidelines:

Be useful

All submissions must be useful. After reading the article, a reader should be able to think about their career in a different light, or do something actionable with what they’ve read.

Be qualified

Are you qualified to write what you’re writing? Tell us.

Be relevant

Your submission must help people solve a problem related to their career or the job search process. Be useful. Be relevant.

Be good

Your submission must be well-written. We’re very particular about this. Be interesting. Come at things from a different angle. Run spell check. Check for grammatical errors.

This is a place for thoughtful writing that helps people make better career choices.

All content must be original, both in content (no plagiarism) and subject matter.


If we publish your article, you will receive an authorbox at the bottom of the post. You can choose what goes in there. We will also provide you with a link to your website, provided that your site is free to use and is of a high enough quality that we would editorially choose to associate our site with yours.

Sound good? Contact us