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Writing articles is a popular job that can be done at home. To start as a copywriter, it is important to know which offers there are in USA and what the advantages and disadvantages each offer/opportunity has.
1. Write for job portals
2. Write editorial content
3. Subject-specific writing [like in the medical field]
4. Search engine optimized text

Job portals: How many are there in USA?
Anyone who wants to write articles to earn money as a part-time job is in good hands when he joins an online jobs portal. Finding such sites in USA is relatively easy as the market is too big. Therefore, US copywriters should avoid joining writing portals that are unpopular and non-US based. You can always find writing jobs at freelance portals like UpWork.
Some portals have a special rating system for writers. They are classified on the basis of a sample article that they need to write after signing-up for an account.

Writers who have a good ratings profile can expect to earn ~1.3 cents per word. New comers and writers who have lower ratings can make 0.5 to 1 cent per word. Professional writer who can write quality articles that contain no errors and correspond to journalistic quality are rewarded with very high ratings and they can earn in excess of 3.5 cents per word.

Advantages and disadvantages of job portals
An advantage of job portals, is the high priority they give to timely payment, which – depending on the portal – is guaranteed on a weekly or monthly basis as soon as the minimum withdrawal sum (often $30) is reached. An invoice does not have to be issued because the payment is automatically made to the specified account. Writers can bid on projects freely, taking into account the respective classification.

A major disadvantage is that the payment for new comers/writers is very low and the effort for the writing including research is not fair. For new comers to make more money, they have to complete a lot of low paying orders. For low rated authors, not many job opportunities are available, so they can rarely achieve a decent earnings.

Fast payout
Low fee/commission

Less money for new comers and authors who have low ratings
Payment/withdrawal usually only possible after earning a certain amount of money

Editorial Text: Where can I find these writing jobs?
Writers who want to write editorial content in USA, are best advised to look up and search ads or send unsolicited applications to publishers, editors, and agencies. Online job exchanges are also looking for editors and authors from USA who can create professional articles and editorial articles for journals, magazine-publishing, and news-industry pages. An appropriate training as a journalist or editor is often required here.

Advantages and disadvantages of editorial contributions
There is a small number of online journalists in USA who are not getting the job they want.
In some cases, freelance editors are paid lower than what is paid to full-time authors.
Journalists and editors who have appropriate training clearly have an advantage. Not only in terms of getting more money for their editorial contributions, but also that clients usually want them to work in a fixed or full-time employment relationship.
Demand for journalists is increasing, but you earn less online than full-time authors.

Write medical related content
The writing contracts of medical articles are preferably directed to trained professionals. Therefore, a corresponding training in the medical field is needed. If you want to write medical articles at home or full time, you need to first get some training in the medical field.

Advantages and disadvantages of specialized articles
Medical related articles, or content is usually only written by people who are familiar with the subject matter; people who understand specialized vocabulary and can explain medical contexts without having to spend too much time researching about the topic.

Non-trained writers have little chance of writing articles on medical related subjects, even if you are doing a typing job where you listen to people talking medical stuff and you are required to type all the stuff in Microsoft Word.

Good earning potential, but special training is essential.

SEO content
Search engine friendly articles have the highest priority on internet. Companies that present themselves on the World Wide Web want to be found and every company naturally wants to take first place in search engine ranking. For this reason, it is not possible without search engine optimized texts, to have a website show up on the first page of SERPs. Demand for SEO writers has allows been high, which is why SEO agencies as well as marketing agencies are always looking for copywriters who not only do keyword based writing, but are actually able to write proper/interesting text.

Pros and cons for SEO copywriters
Search engine optimization is becoming increasingly important in USA and other countries as well. Therefore, many webmasters rely on the skills of professional SEO copywriter.
Disadvantage is that for writing search engine optimized content, a copywriter writer needs the appropriate training. And there are already many writers in the market who are offering their writing service for a cheap price, which is boosting the competition among writers, thus reducing the pay per job.

Advantages & disadvantages
Demand for copywriters is increasing.
Future-oriented niche.
But there is big competition.
Price is reducing due to writers competing for online jobs

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